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Kansas Land Auctions

Are you considering selling your farm and want assistance on gauging what your Kansas land is worth? You’re now in the right hands. We are here to help.  We don’t simply rely on a computer program to determine your land value because we know that if you’re considering selling your farm, it’s one of the largest financial decisions of your lifetime and like any harvest, a lot of work comes first so we want to give you our one-on-one traditional farmland evaluation.

Farm Location
We understand how important a farm location is when determining the value of that farm. Location can be one of the biggest variables when calculating land value so it’s important to not overlook this step.

Recent Sales
We have access to ALL public sales and even many private sales with our in-house sales report that we populate each and every month for every county in Kansas.  We keep a close eye on recent farms located near your farm. We then compare that farm to yours and consider the how, when and why that farm was offered when factoring this variable.

What’s Currently on the Market
We know what’s on the market and for what price. We look at what is currently on the market, how long similar farms have been on the market, for what price, how that farm compares to yours, and what are the reasons why the farms on the market haven’t sold.

We want to hear your story. How has the farm been taken care of? Who has farmed the farm? Has there been any tile or terrace work completed, if so when? Has the farm been grid sampled lately? When was lime added last? Are there good fence? All these questions and many more need to be asked before giving a true evaluation of a farm.